Playstation vs Xbox

The original Playstation, released in 1994, first to release over 100 million units with the first to fully invest in 3D CGI with a lot of storage compared to other competitors at the time. The big storage meant for better and high quality cinematic, audio data and more gaming experience. The first PlayStation was still going strong and in demand for many years after its release.

PlayStation one (PS1) was released the year 2000, very much like the original PS but the PlayStation one is smaller, Sony later released a screen and car cigarette adapter that allowed the PS1 to play during travels. PS1 sold 28 million units by 2006 when it was discontinued, even outselling the first Xbox.

PlayStation 2, was the best selling console with its strong and stable demand, selling over 155 million units from year 2000 to 2013 when it discontinued. PS2 had a built in DVD player which was becoming the standard in the industry. It had the ability to play the original PS games on the new generation. Later released PS2 slim.

In 2006 the Playstation 3 was released. PS3 introduced a new media format, Blu-ray. It was also the first to integrated social gaming services it also had the compatibility for PS2 and PS1 games. The PS3 faced a lot of competition and didn’t outsell. Later release a PS3 slim and PS3 super slim.

The PlayStation 4 released in 2013, the first console that wasn’t released in japan first. It became the second most best selling console yet. The PS4 will continue its production until 2023. In 2016 the PlayStation 4 PRO was released. The upgraded design and overall performance from the PS4.

And the fifth generation PlayStation 5, released 2020. Has a lot of upgrades from previous consoles, better storage system, supports 4K, 3D audio effects, shorter loading time.

Microsoft has previously focused on PC games but in 2001 launched the Xbox competing with PlayStation. The first console to include the built-in HDD. Xbox struggled a bit but somehow became popular for western and first person shooter games with the hit of Halo. Shortly after Microsoft released a few controllers for the Xbox.

Xbox 360, its second console was released in 2005 which was right before Wii and PS3. It didn’t come with a hard drive so customers could purchase one. It sold over 84 million units, it looked very different than the previous console, had some compatibility with the original Xbox games and supported streaming services like Netflix and other media from PC. A few more models of the Xbox with some upgrades were released in 2007. In 2010 the Xbox 360 S with a big hard drive and with a glossy black finish and made some updates and it ran more quietly. The 360 E released 2013 and a bit more budget friendly and a boxy look.

After many generations later Xbox One was released in 2013. Every console came with the Kinect but later was sold separately. It later also offered many backwards compatibility with the Xbox 360 games. The console somewhat large but kept it cool and run quiet. Xbox one S released 2016, a smaller model than the previous model with a mostly white aesthetic. Xbox One X released 2017 with similar black design and performed well offering some backward compatibility.

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