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Do you need to find and or locate a lost phone or simply want to track your spouse by phone?

Are you looking to track phone location? It can be done through a GPS tracker.

Losing your phone is a big problem, not only because of the cost you have to endure in order to buy a new phone but also because of the valuable data that nobody would like to see in the wrong hands. But still, we keep on misplacing our phones or get stolen. So here is where phone tracker apps come in handy. In this article we highlight the best four phone tracker apps available so that you can rest assured that your phone will never be out of your reach:

This location GPS tracker app is hugely popular due to its numerous and exceptional features. It is the number one app for tracking phones and it is compatible with android, IOS and Mac operating systems.  You will always know where your phone is and you can gain access to all the calling data including the time and duration of different calls. The application allows you to monitor IM chatting apps downloaded on the phone. You can easily check messages on Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat. You can also check the browsing history and find out about the most visited sites. You can check the SMS sent by the phone knowing which numbers are being texted and what is being sent in texts. You can also check all media saved and sent, even if they have been deleted off the phone. The best thing about this app is that you can easily access it from any internet browser and you have 24/7 customer support.

GPS Phone Tracker Pro – Mobile tracker

This is the best app for always tracking your kids’ or employee’s phones. Simply install this app to a phone and it will keep the phone tracked via GPS at all times. The app can also provide direction to how to reach the phone easily. Think of how useful this could be in case of an accident. This app will help you to track your phone easily with no hassle. Spot on.

3 Flexispy

This is one of the most remarkable GPS device tracking apps for constantly tracking a phone. All you need is a computer with a web browser and you will be able to know the whereabouts of your phone at all times. The app allows you to monitor all the activities done by the phone, including messaging and calling. You can also find the exact location of your phone and you can also record all the calls. You can listen to live phone calls, open the microphone remotely and listen to the surroundings, control the camera to take pictures and spy on all IM apps. The options are unlimited.

Here is a nice phone tracker app that you can use as a mobile tracker to see live cell phone location:

We hope you found enough information to track any cell phone number!

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