Computer Virus Protection Now!

Signs that you could have a virus on your computer is, crashing, error messages and slow running. Dealing with computer virus is time consuming and quite annoying. Here are tips to minimize viruses getting to your computer.
Install anti virus software may sound obvious but many computers don’t have it. This kind of protection is the very first step to prevent viruses and malware. Although a free version of anti virus software is better than not having any, it is not the best option.
The second best thing to do is to keep your anti virus software up to date. Also keep your current operating system up to date. Your operating system usually have regular updates to fix bugs and such.
Regularly run scans with your anti virus software. It’s very easy to forget but try to schedule it to run a scan at least once a week.
Using a pop up blocker decreases the risk of virus. These pop ups can contain advertisement, malware and viruses. Be careful when you’re browsing the web.
A strong password is a password that contains letters numbers and symbols. Avoid using the same password for every account and using the same words in the username as a password.
Don’t click on links if you do not recognize the company or person sending it to you and definitely don’t click on anything that seem suspicious.
Back up your files. This is a great way to have all your files backed up safely incase something goes wrong.
A few other tips is to avoid using open wifi that is for free. Secure your own network and keep your personal information safe. Meaning you should be careful on message boards and social media.

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